Generating Peace Of Mind

In 2005 when Hurricane Katrina swept through Florida and the Gulf Coast, parts of the country were home_caterpillar_generatorwithout power for up to 3 months. How would your family fare if you were lost power for that long?
Your answer is probably ‘not well’. You are not alone. Many of us would be in the same situation. We rely on utility power to keep our houses comfortable, to keep our food fresh, to run our appliances, operate a garage door, power up our computers and televisions and thousands of other electrical devices not to mention keeping the lights on when it is dark.

The security of your home and family depends on large extent to the availability of electricity. It powers your security system and keeps your phone charged up in case of emergency. Some people, especially children, become anxious and worried when the lights go out and batteries in flashlights and candles only last so long.

The answer to the problem of frequent and extensive power outages is to create your own electricity. You do this through an electric generator that is direct wired into your electrical panel. The beauty of this device is that once it is installed properly, you don’t have to do anything, it is completely hands-free.
A standby home generator is about the size of an air conditioning unit and is situated outside your home near your electrical panel. It runs on either natural gas (which is delivered underground by your gas company) or propane. Since these fuels are nearly inexhaustible, your generator will run indefinitely from these sources of fuel.

A backup generator such as this has sensors which detect when power goes out and immediately kicks into action. First it disconnects your home from the electrical utility grid, then it engages its motor to start generating electricity which is delivered to your electrical panel. All this is done in less than 30 seconds whether you are at home or away at work or on vacation. This is especially important during rain storms as you don’t want your sump pump not working for hours and hours as your basement is filling with groundwater from your drain tile.

When the emergency is over, your generator also senses when utility power has been restored to your property. It stops its motor, seals off its connection to your panel, and allows utility power to flow through your panel to your home. It is important to know also that it will also make sure none of its power backflows into the electrical grid which is dangerous for utility workers and your home and family.

Considering how often we experience power outages from storms, grid failure, accidents and human error, it might be time to upgrade your home’s infrastructure with a generator to keep all those marvelous modern devices working when everyone else’s aren’t.

Here are 10 good reasons to install a home generator: