Replacing Teeth Increases Overall Health


When the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), reports 120 million Americans are missing one, or more, of their teeth, and, between 35 to 36 million, are missing all of their teeth in one; or both jaws – isn’t it safe to say that many people are not serious about their oral health?

Unfortunately, the reality is that mo matter how much advancement there has been to dental technology, the facts are people still don’t wash nearly as much as they ought to, and even fewer are flossing anywhere near the amount of they they should be flossing.

The easy approach would be to believe that implants can save you in the future, so go crazy today. Yes, dental implants can give off that kind of allure. The truth is that foregoing everyday oral health practices can lead you to have infected teeth, which can affect other areas of the body as well. If an infection, anywhere in the body, is not handled relatively quickly, then it can lead to complications down the road for the patient; including death.

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