Sell The Home, Not The House

Source: Oyvind Solstad - flickr
Source Oyvind Solstad – flickr

When it comes to selling real estate, the key is always moving people from “the reality,” into “the dream.” One of the best ways to do that is called “future-projecting.” This is when you talk about the future like it’s already happened, or is happening as you speak.

For example, many agents will take a family through a home, and say things like, “This is the living room.” “See, this is the bedroom.” “And we’ve finally reached the kitchen!” This is not selling. This is guiding; and guiding does not sell.

What of instead of just taking them through a tour of the home, you place them in real-life scenarios that could possibly happen in the home? For instance, when you’re in that kitchen, you could say, “See, here’s where your dishwasher is going to go. You have thought about having a dishwasher, right? A home of this particular size, with a kitchen like this, is begging for a dishwasher; and I’ve got a contact who can offer you a great deal on one, and ongoing appliance repair service as well.”

Now the thing is, you cannot say those things, if you truly don’t have a person like that to back up your claim. However, as you keep making your way through your real estate career you will be making contacts as you go along, and your network will grow significantly over time.

Selling doesn’t have to be complicated, but it’s not that easy either. Figure out what makes people tick, and your earnings won’t just be “future-projections,” but your current reality.